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Home / News / The benefits of sailing
Home / News / The benefits of sailing

The benefits of sailing

Published 11:43pm on 10 Nov 2023

Not that we are biased, but we think that sailing is pretty great. Not only for the obvious reasons of learning a new skill but for some of the more unique and hidden benefits that make sailing one of the best sports to participate in. Sailing is a sport that offers people of any size or fitness level a chance to experience something new.

Physically diverse

Sailing requires a wide range of physical skills. These include excellent balance and agility to make it from one side of the boat. Swimming is a little more obvious, but it is also a great ability to have… But we hope you only need to use it recreationally! Sailing is Both a Team Sport and a Solo Sport

We love the diversity of sailing; each day can be different from the last. For example, one day, you can be sailing your own boat by yourself, and the next, you could be aboard a boat with five to ten crew. You can compete in single-handed classes like the Laser, Windsurfer, Kiteboard or Finn when it comes to racing. Or with one other person in double-handed classes such as the 49er or 470 and part of a four or eight-person team on a keelboat, there is always an option for everyone.

It's all about family.

Sailing doesnt discriminate on age, gender or skill level. Learning the sail with the whole sailing is family is something you can all do together to create memories and mean you can genuinely engage together.

Sailing Helps with Mental Wellness

Being surrounded by calm blue waters and inhaling the fresh air can help improve mental well-being. The gentle rocking motions and the sound of water and the wind on the sails help create a sense of calm. This, in turn, can help reduce stress levels and soothe the mind. Finally, feeling the spray on your face and the wind in your hair is unparalleled a true sense of freedom.

Sense of community

Sailing is more than a sport. It is a lifestyle and a community. No matter your passion or preferred sailing style, you're bound to find like-minded people who will be happy to gather, share stories and help each other out. Sailing brings people together. It crosses social structures and age groups and fosters friendships that last a lifetime.

Last updated 10:42pm on 11 July 2024

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