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Thrill of Sailing

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Are you looking for something that allows you to break free from routine, try something new, build different skills and meet amazing new people? Why not try sailing!

  • Sailing has no age barrier. You can sail at any stage of life and at any level- fast or slow, cruising or racing.

  • Sailing is a wonderful activity to do solo and alongside the entire family.

  • Sailing brings a sense of pride, and the joy we feel is unparalleled.

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Why Become
a Member

Membership at the Hykeham Sailing Club means you have extensive access to our varied programme of sailing, training, youth activities, racing and wider social events.

Recharge your wellbeing

Sailing offers the promise of freedom. Harnessing the power of the wind and the sensation of the spray on your face is incredibly freeing. Being out on the water has a beneficial effect on happiness, health, and wellbeing.


More than just sailing

Becoming a member gives you access to various outdoor pursuits and fun social activities. As well as our extensive sailing programme, our club also offers youth and family days and opportunities to try other water sports like paddleboarding and kayaking

Events Calendar

Keep up to date on all club activities and events with our yearly calendar. This includes annual racing schedules, training course dates, racing timetables, social events and special occasions.


hykeham sailing club

Why not enrol on one of our exciting
and rewarding training courses

At Hykeham Sailing Club, we offer a variety of sailing courses to suit all ages and abilities. Affiliated to the RYA, the Club is an RYA Recognised Sail Training establishment with various courses throughout the year.

Beginner Sailor


The RYA Level One course introduces absolute beginners to the sport of sailing. The course is for beginners who have done little or no sailing before.


Skilled Sailing


The RYA level Two course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired from the RYA level One course, upskilling participants to a competent level with the ability to sail in light to moderate winds without supervision.

Junior Sailing

Junior sailing

These sessions are designed for Five to Sixteen-year-olds with any level of sailing ability. These sessions are run by qualified instructors, providing a safe and fun learning environment.


hykeham sailing club


Learn more about sailing, our club and its members through our blog. Our members share their extensive knowledge, reveal exciting stories of their sailing adventures and helpful hints to becoming successful sailors.