At Hykeham Sailing Club, we offer a variety of sailing courses to suit all ages and abilities. Affiliated to the RYA, the Club is an RYA recognised Sail Training establishment and many courses are run throughout the year. Our courses include:

RYA Level 1

The RYA level 1 dinghy sailing introduces absolute beginners to the sport of dinghy sailing. The course is for beginners who have done little or no dinghy sailing before. It is the first part of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) training scheme. The course is run by club instructors, with an emphasis on starting to learn the basics of boat handling and wind awareness in a friendly, relaxed environment. By the end of the course you will have a basic understanding of sailing techniques and some background knowledge and should have the competence and the confidence to be able to sail in light winds under the supervision of your RYA Instructor.

Whilst actual capsize recovery isn’t required at Level 1, it is recommended that students should be able to swim. No minimum level of swimming ability is stipulated, but it is more important that students should be confident in water. Course content will comprises an introduction to wind awareness, boat rigging, basic sailing techniques and safety whilst afloat, sailing in different directions, tacking, gybing, launching & recovery.

RYA level 2

The RYA level 2 course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired from the RYA level 1 course, taking participants to a level where they are competent to sail in light to moderate winds without supervision. On satisfactory completion of the RYA level 2 course, individuals are deemed to have sufficient competence to make use of the club’s own boats, weather conditions permitting. Like Level 1, this course is highly practical with most the time spent on the water. The course builds on the topics covered in the RYA level 1 course and introduces the following additional topics to raise the individual’s competence to a point where they are safe to sail unsupervised in suitable conditions.

To participate in the RYA level 2 course, you must have completed RYA level 1 course or RYA level 1 sailing ability, at Level 2 and students should feel confident in the water.

Dates for 2023

RYA Level 1 – 13th & 14th May 2023 (Fully booked)

RYA Level 2 – 20th & 21st May 2023 (Fully booked)

RYA Level 1 – 17th & 18th June 2023 (Fully booked)

RYA Level 2 – 24th & 25th June 2023 (Fully booked)

Email for more details and to book a place.

Please note that all of our 2023 courses are now fully booked up.  If you would like to reserve a place for next year’s training schedule, please contact us on the above email address.

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